Top 10 Countries With Highest Prostitution Rate In The World

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Top 10 Countries With The Highest Rate Of Prtitution In The World – China’s Rank Is Surprising

1. Venzuela: 119 sx workers per 10,000 people

The economic condition in Venzuela is pretty bd and this is one of the reasons that tripled the number of ex workers here.

NOTICE: Some of these counties included in the list is due to the condition of very por or pretty bd economy that has tripled those huge sx workers.

2. Suth Krea: 110 sx workers per 10,000 people

Despite lgal sancons and plice cckdowns, protution continues to flourish in Suth Krea, while sx workers continue to actively rsist the state’s activity.

3. Peru: 102 sx workers per 10,000 people

In Peru, proution is lgal for wmen over 18 years old and that’s only if they register with municipal authorities and carry a health certificate. However, chld protution is still going on in this region (in fact, the number has doubled in the recent years).

4. Philippines: 85 sx workers per 10,000 people

The Philippines offers fmale company in the form of b rg irls. The girls here are usually required to wear their “b rg irl” ID tags in well known places. On top of that, they are regularly tsted for SDs.

5. Nigeria: 63 sx workers per 10,000 people

A sx tourism market for dorced older western wmen is on the rise in Nigeria.

6. China: 60 sx workers per 10,000 people

According to some of the well known researchers in China, there are about 10 million active proutes in China. In other words, these proutes actually contribute as much as five percent to the country’s annual GDP (although the earnings are not taxed, it still goes back into the economy through consumption).

7. Brazil: 53 sx workers per 10,000 people

Protution is lgal in Brazil, however, it is iegal to run a protution center or to employ proutes in any other way

8. Ghana: 52 sx workers per 10,000 people

Proution is iegal in Ghana to some extent.Protution is huge in Ghana.But that does not deter young ldies, often under 18 years, from coming out onto the streets every night to look for ways to pleaure mn for money.

9. Germany: 49 sx workers per 10,000 people

Prtution is also lgal here in Germany. It’s little wonder when you consider that organized prution in the country dates back to the 1200’s AD.

10. Thailand: 45 sx workers per 10,000 people

Proution is iegal in Thailand, however, in practice it is tolerated and partly rgulated.


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